• Better Brick Nepal

Felicitation Ceremony in Bagmati Province

The felicitation program for province 3 (Bagmati) was held in Chitwan in January of 2019, where 5 members and 4 certified kilns from Dhading, Chitwan, and Kathmandu Clusters were felicitated in a ceremony.

Honorable Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, Mr. Arun Prasad Nepal, was the chief guest of the ceremony. Other participants were Mayor of Rapti Municipality, Vice President of District Coordination Committee, Vice-Chairperson of FNBI central committee, President of Ratnanagar FNCCI and Vice President of Chitwan FNCCI, civil society organizations, kiln owners, the news media and other involved parties.

In his speech, the Minister showed enthusiastic commitment to personally push his Province Government to make changes in policy that specifically works towards making all the brick kilns in province 3 child labor free, and will require a child labor free certificate for any construction projects that are done under government supervision.

There were approximately 70 participants in the program from different sectors. The felicitation ceremony went successfully with concluding remarks from the country director for Global Fairness Initiative (GFI) Nepal, Mr. Suresh Pandit, through which he motivated the ethical brick kiln industry owners and emphasized Better Brick Nepal’s commitment to making consumers more responsible in the near future.