• Better Brick Nepal

Felicitation Ceremony in Butwal Province

In December of 2019, Province 5 held a felicitation ceremony in Butwal, where 8 members and 4 certified kilns were felicitated.

Honorable Minister for Tourism and Industry and Chief Guest, Mr. Lila Giri, committed to working towards the legalization of uncertified brick kilns in Butwal and promised to advocate for ethical brick industries and other ethical businesses, as they contribute to the economic growth of Nepal. Members of Parliament including Chair of Economic and Development Parliamentary Committee were also present during the event. Four media persons were also felicitated to acknowledge their social responsibility efforts in the sector. Nearly 100 participants from local government, media, federations, kiln owners, political parties, and civil society organizations were present in the program.

The program also included a promotion of responsible bricks through a presentation done by an independent civil society leader. The previous day, a media briefing on how the local media can support the local level marketing of responsible bricks was also held with 12 media persons.

The program was concluded by Country Director of Global Fairness Initiative (GFI) Nepal, Mr. Suresh Pandit, where he highlighted the major objective of the Better Brick Nepal (BBN) program to create a labor friendly environment in the brick kilns of Nepal and to advocate for ethical and responsible brick kiln owners. He also added that GFI-Nepal has been working closely in coordination with related government stakeholders for the overall reformation of brick industries by making kiln owners and laborers responsible towards their work. Through this program there will be a victory for all three parties: kiln owners, government, and laborers, further encouraging government motivation for a responsible brick market in the coming days.