• Better Brick Nepal

Leading Change for Better Bricks

Among more than 1000 brick kilns in Nepal, two brick kilns have been officially verified as free from child, forced and bonded labor in an effort to lead change towards a more socially responsible industry.

Since 2013, Better Brick Nepal Initiative, launched by Humanity United, in collaboration with Global Fairness Initiative, GoodWeave International, and a coalition of local Nepali NGOs, has worked on a market-based approached to incentive kiln owners towards an ethical practice with zero tolerance for debt bondage and child labor in the brick making industry.

"Starting with only five pilot kilns, Better Brick – Nepal has since grown to include 40 kilns supporting over 8,000 workers per year. From these 40 partner kilns, approximately 220 million bricks are being produced each year on child labor free kilns, representing over 3% of Nepal’s total brick supply. The domestic market is responding accordingly with over 120 commitments secured from local buyers, builders, construction firms, and local government authorities to purchase Better Bricks for the use in the construction of schools, religious centers, and government buildings throughout the country." ~ (Vijay Simhan & Noah Ponton)

These early developments are merely the beginning. The progress made towards social responsibility through Better Bricks Nepal Initiative is proof that brick making can be profitable without exploitive labor and that we can continue our work with excitement and hope for the changes in sight.

We also want to thank our implementation partners for making this progress possible: Education in Every Home and Self-reliant Development Organization-Nepal, Integrated Green Development Nepal, Prayash Nepal, Urban Environment Management Society, Youth Club Narayangadh, Siddhartha Samudayik Samaj, and Society for Integrated Allied Nepal.

To read more about the Better Bricks Nepal Initiative, check out Humanity United's blog post here.