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First Felicitation Ceremony is Held in Gandaki Province

In November of 2019, the first felicitation program was successfully organized at Damauli, Tanahun in the Gandaki Province where 7 kiln owners from Tanahun Cluster have been felicitated (1 certified and 6 members) with certificates and appreciation letters.

The program was organized in the presence of Gandaki Province’s acting Chief Minister and Minister for Economic Affair and Planning, Mr. Kiran Gurung. Other dignitaries were Province Parliament Members, Tanahun District Coordination Committee Chair and Deputy Chair, Mayors and Deputy Mayors and other senior government officials. Two different media persons were also felicitated, acknowledging their contributions in the sector, along with approximately 80 participants from different sectors, such as Provincial parliament members, elected representatives of local government, government officials, brick kiln owners, trade unions, construction stakeholders, civil societies organizations.

Owner of Ganesh Brick Kiln receiving a certificate

“The provincial government is trying hard to finalize different policies which are related to the brick sector. We are trying hard to coordinate with local government for a rigid impact. With the legalization of the illegal kilns in legal business, the government has opportunity to increase its revenue collection. Currently we are focusing on the collection of foreign grants from the donors which will never be going to enrich us. Rather than begging for the donation, we should strengthen our internal capital and only by that means we can strengthen our economy.”

Hon Kiran Gurung, Minister of Financial Affairs and Planning